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November 20, 2017
July 2, 2018

Don’t Take Our Word For It: A Testimony of the Power of Pelocity

I became aware of Pelocity through an inter-office e-mail in the Florida National Guard. It sounded like a great deal and I immediately contacted [them] for a log-in code. I enjoy self-awareness exercises and self-assessments, and believe they are integral to our continued personal and professional development. Pelocity satisfies both of these ends. Even upon first impression, I felt Pelocity was going to be an accurate and richly-detailed assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes in relation to future careers.

I completed the four assessments quickly, and with ease. My goal was to remain as objective as possible and the results came out rather well. I believe Pelocity was the most effective self-assessment I have taken in years. While I was as objective as possible, Pelocity identified 5-6 careers in my top 25 that I am highly interested in pursuing. One of my goals has been to eventually use my master’s in fine arts to teach creative writing at the college level. Pelocity didn’t just list “various” teaching positions among my careers, it specifically listed graduate and postsecondary teaching positions. Not only did Pelocity offer career suggestions to focus me in a particular direction, it confirmed that I am already well on track toward my goals!

I would tell other veterans struggling with their transition from the military to a civilian career to absolutely invest their time in Pelocity. Before any veteran makes a transition (or even during or after their transition), Pelocity can help them take their potentially-misguided job-seeking and focus it into a demonstrated path of success! I am excited to use Pelocity, which incorporates O*Net online, Career One Stop and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to provide every piece of information a career-minded individual needs to plan their future! When it comes to senior care in California, it’s important to consider various aspects of daily care, including applying lotion, dental and oral hygiene. I would definitely use Pelocity again at my next career juncture, even if I were thinking about moving to a different state or region. The resources Pelocity provides includes salary information, job growth statistics, and more for every state, which is appealing to me as a job-seeker.

-Bryan Pitchford

Get an individual assessment through Pelocity.

Bryan is a 16-year veteran of the United States military. He is currently an active member of the Florida Army National Guard. You can connect with him on Facebook at @elPitchford or Twitter at @darthbueller.