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Wave 2017: New Norms. New Reports. Greater Efficacy.

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On January 23, Assessment Technologies Group will launch a 2017 update to our assessment software. The update will include several new reports and updated 2017 norms for Wave Professional Styles, Wave Focus Styles and Work Strengths. This change will enable our clients to better pinpoint work styles, as they vary by nation and professional level, allowing them to stay atop current population trends.

Norm Updates

As the population changes, comparison groups must adjust to the workforce climate. The norms update will include new core norm comparison groups for recent graduates and sales as well as new adjustments to existing core norm groups. Regional and country norm groups have also been created to allow a more tailored geographical approach to your assessment reports.

New Leadership Impact Expert Report

The 2017 update will also include several new or expanded reports. Our new Leadership Impact Expert Report will incorporate updated leadership norms in addition to an expanded view of employee leadership styles and efficacy levels.

New Onboarding Report

Work Roles | Groups | ATG | Saville | HiringThe new Onboarding Report will be a basic report designed to be more easily interpreted by non-trained users, or users unfamiliar with the Waves framework. It offers a high-level view of the employee’s top strengths and challenge areas.

Work Roles Group Overview
The Work Roles Group Overview offers additional functionality to the Work Roles Report (formally known as Team Roles Report). The existing Work Roles Report highlights an individual’s preference for certain team roles within an organization. With the new Work Roles Group Overview, that individual’s particular preferences can be integrated with the existing preferences for current or future team members. This function allows organizations to quickly identify holes in team dynamics and create more cohesive work units.

Slight Increase in Pricing

For many years, ATG has been able to maintain consistent pricing for its behavioral assessments, like the Wave suite of reports. With the addition of so many valuable new features for 2017, ATG’s assessment providers have implemented a small price increase across all assessments. In order to maintain the quality of service and responsiveness that our clients have come to expect from ATG, that small increase will be passed through to our new 2017 pricing.

It is critical to us that we continue to give our clients exemplary service during this change. We will be providing samples of these new reports through our email communication and can help you determine which reports are best for your organization. If you have any questions or concerns about the new update, please contact an ATG consultant.