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June 8, 2017
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Pelocity Improving Veteran Employment Opportunities

ATG CEO Stephen Pollan spoke with WJCT on June 22, 2017 about how Pelocity is teaming up to improve veteran employment throughout Northeast Florida.

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The U.S. Department of Labor recently released its March 2017 Veteran Employment Update showing that 40 of the 50 states experienced a drop in their veteran unemployment rate over the past year, though Florida remained unchanged at 4.7 percent. To better help Florida’s veterans, Pelocity, a cutting-edge career guidance software company based in Jacksonville, has partnered with the Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) to connect more veterans with employers looking to fill high-wage, high-demand careers in the state.

Through a partnership with the Learning Alliance Corporation, a grant from the Department of Defense and the gracious endorsement of retired Brig. Gen. Michael P. Fleming, Pelocity is aiming to connect as many as 2,000 of our nation’s noble veterans with military-friendly employers.

“As Chair of the JMVC, we are constantly seeking partners who add value to our military veterans. The professionals at Pelocity provide high-quality career support to veterans at no cost, which is a powerful combination,” said Fleming. “We are fortunate to partner with Pelocity to enhance our support. We thank Pelocity for their commitment to veterans and look forward to working with them.”

Pelocity provides an integrated network for individuals and employers alike. It allows veteran subscribers to embark on a unique career exploration through a series of assessments. These assessments are meant to measure their knowledge, skills, abilities and personal work style. The system then matches candidates to job opportunities based on the best-fit careers in their Pelocity profile. The Department of Defense grant provides employers’ access to the Pelocity Enterprise Portal, which allows companies to find veteran candidates whose preferences align with the company’s open employment positions.

Stephen Pollan, CEO of Pelocity’s parent company, Assessment Technologies Group, said the software provides a better match because it incorporates intangibles like personal preferences and work style, which can be a better measure of an employee’s on-the-job success.

“Pelocity bridges the gap between education, employers and career readiness,” said Pollan. “It matches individual and corporate personalities, not just keywords.”

Hanania Automotive Group has joined with Pelocity in making it easier for transitioning military members to obtain employment and join a winning team. Hanania has more than 500 employees across 15 dealerships throughout Florida and Tennessee. The company had long been an advocate for veterans, providing support to K9s for Warriors, the U.S.O. and the Jacksonville-area military air shows. When retired NAS Jacksonville Commanding Officer Captain Howard Wanamaker was hired last fall as the company’s Human Resources Director, he quickly recognized Pelocity as an opportunity to expand Hanania Automotive Group’s veteran-friendly initiatives.

“We are excited to partner with Pelocity and the JMVC to bring more talented, skilled and experienced veterans to our Hanania team,” said Wanamaker. “Across the board, veterans possess extremely strong leadership skills, dedication and work ethic.”

Pelocity brings to light those valued skills possessed by veteran candidates – skills that are highly important to all Jacksonville businesses. It enhances the core vision of JMVC, which recognizes that many of the skills veterans develop in the military – leadership, fast and accurate decision-making, operational focus, and the drive to accomplish a mission – have extreme value to employers. Together with JMVC and Hanania Automotive Group, Pelocity is working to build awareness of how these veteran skills and personality attributes make military veterans outstanding employees.

About Pelocity

Pelocity is a career-guidance software where people, educators and employers intersect. It combines the best of science and technology to empower students, job-seekers and transitioning veterans to choose the right career, get the right education, connect with the right employer and maximize their earning potential. Like a GPS for the future, Pelocity’s patented methods determine the best occupational goals for an individual’s education and career planning. For more information, or to get started, visit Pelocity.

About the Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition

The JMVC is committed to honoring military veterans and currently-serving members of the National Guard and Reserve by facilitating career, business and education opportunities in Jacksonville. The JMVC believes that veterans and transitioning military service members have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills and competencies through practical workforce experience and are ready to supply the very skills businesses need to be successful. The JMVC provides business and job listings on its Jobs for Vets website as well as hiring assistance and toolkits for organizations that are unfamiliar with hiring veterans. For more information on the JMVC, please visit the JMVC website.